Half-orc Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)

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Deed Lore

Half-orcs are crueler than even the cruelest Men because of their Orkish heritage, harrying the good people of Rohan.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Defeat Half-orcs in the Eastemnet (200)


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 5 LOTRO Points
  3Silver Token of the Riddermark-icon.png Silver Token of the Riddermark
  Heritage Rune 65-icon.png Plain Heritage Rune of Legend
  Slayer-title-icon.png <name>, Half-orc Slayer of Eastern Rohan
  Virtue Experience-icon.png Virtue Experience: +2000

Deed Chain Information

  1. Half-orc Slayer of the Eastemnet
  2. Half-orc Slayer of the Eastemnet (Advanced)

Additional Information

A whole camp of half-orcs can be found in Krash-bálum (north-east of Garsfeld) at [53.6S, 59.2W].