Guide to Thorin's Hall

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This page is about the Hunter's wayfaring skill. For the common and Man Race travelling skill, see Return to Thorin's Gate
Guide to Thorin's Hall-icon.png
Guide to Thorin's Hall
  • Induction: 10s
  • Returns you and your Fellowship to Thorin's Hall.

    This skill is easily interrupted.
  • Cost: (level-dependent) Power


This skill is auto-bestowed to Hunters who have reached level 24.


The trait Quick Draw in the Bowmaster Traits tree reduces the induction time of the skill by up to 20%.


On use it will transport the Hunter and their entire fellowship to Thorin's Gates in Ered Luin, just at the entrance of Thorin's Hall.[13.8S, 103.2W]

Power Cost

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