Grodris Matron of the Wintersebb

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 Grodris Matron of the Wintersebb
Grodris Matron of the Wintersebb.jpg
Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus Dragon-kind
Species Drake
Type Arch-nemesis
Level Range 122
Morale Range 2,072,821
Power Range 127,355
Special Abilities Unknown


Grodris Matron of the Wintersebb is a blue drake that appears occasionally instead of Munglug the Egg-keeper in the worm area of The Delving of Fror. She appears upstairs, over a small ledge area with several eggs on it and cannot be attacked nor will attack anyone until she lands downstairs in the large room filled with worms.

To begin her fight, kill all the worms and Munglug the Egg-keeper. Then you'll have to wait. This can be a very long wait, or she may appear almost instantly. It appears to be completely random, but do not leave the drake area if you still want to fight her, as she will begin fighting as soon as she lands.

The Matron herself is capable of doing extreme damage and is not to be taken lightly.

Special Attacks

Grodris has many deadly yet impressive abilities.

One of her more prominent attacks would be her AoE Fire Breath, that upon a critical hit will put a massive fire DoT on whoever was unfortunate enough to get hit by it.

Another attack would be her AoE knockback, which sends everyone around her flying. Those knocked back have to walk meters back, trailing whatever adds they had picked up along the way.

Her most deadly Special Attack is a long inductioned howl, that spawns 9 Elite Wintersebb Drakelings on each side of the room, each with roughly about 16k morale. With the combined force of both the Matron and the Drakelings, your raid won't stand a chance unless you are masters of tanking, DPS, and CC.


This fight is rather simple. The hardest part is the wait. All you need is a healer and a tank, although it will be much quicker if done with more. The tank should stay in front of her and hold aggro (have her facing the exit to the worm area in case knockbacks pull some more adds) and have the rest of the group behind her to avoid the nasty AoEs. Keep this up for however long it will take. If you grabb adds, the DPSers should move on to kill them as it will avoid unnecessary damage and also provide defeat responses. Keep up plenty of interruptions to avoid the knockbacks and AoEs.

Never stand on the eggs. The eggs (downstairs - the upstairs ones do nothing) spawn 6 mobs each, all of them difficult enough on their own. If you want a challenge, the eggs might be the way to go, but it will be very difficult. If you stumble across the other side fighting Grodris, run in and stand on both piles of eggs. Then get into the fray and AoE as much as possible to tag the players. It is a great possibility that they will wipe, and you will get credit for them all (even if they kill you). This best works when smaller groups of the opposition are fighting her, as they will be less able to cope.

Grodris, like Rottenroot, gives the 6-hour +30% Infamy/Renown buff Grodris (Effect)-icon.png Grodris to the side that defeats her. These stack with Gaergoth the Unbound's +40% buff so if you have a good group, you should consider killing these two as well (they are quite harder, though) to complete the Delving and gain the full +100% Infamy/Renown!


She also drops random Purple to Teal weapons and armour.

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