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This page is used by all Grocer NPCs throughout the Middle-earth.


Item Cost
Bag of Salt-icon.png Bag of Salt Silver12 Copper
Bottle of Water-icon.png Bottle of Water Copper
Chicken Egg-icon.png Chicken Egg 24 Copper
Coney-icon.png Coney 56 Copper
Cut of Beef-icon.png Cut of Beef Silver12 Copper
Drop of Honey-icon.png Drop of Honey 56 Copper
Dry Rations-icon.png Dry Rations 48 Copper
Hard Rations-icon.png Hard Rations Silver12 Copper
Jar of Vegetable Oil-icon.png Jar of Vegetable Oil 56 Copper
Lamb Bone-icon.png Lamb Bone Silver12 Copper
Lamb Kidney-icon.png Lamb Kidney Silver12 Copper
Lump of Butter-icon.png Lump of Butter 24 Copper
Piece of Uncooked Bacon-icon.png Piece of Uncooked Bacon 56 Copper
Pinch of Shire Seasonings-icon.png Pinch of Shire Seasonings 56 Copper
Pork Shank-icon.png Pork Shank 24 Copper
Raw Pork Sausage-icon.png Raw Pork Sausage 56 Copper
Rich Rations-icon.png Rich Rations Silver60 Copper
Scoop of Lard-icon.png Scoop of Lard 24 Copper
Simple Rations-icon.png Simple Rations Copper
Tasty Rations-icon.png Tasty Rations Silver20 Copper
Uncooked Pork Chop-icon.png Uncooked Pork Chop Silver12 Copper