Grimfang Lurker

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Grimfang Lurker
Grimfang Lurker.jpg
Faction Creep
Location Ettenmoors
Area Hithlad
Genus Spiders and Insects
Species Spider
Type Signature
Level Range 128
Morale Range 146,600
Power Range 29,320
Special Abilities Web Root


Grimfang Lurkers are one type of the types of spiders in the Ettenmoors and are found either around the spider's den ruins where Gorgoris and Caragdal are located, or patrolling around the hobbit holes area of the Grimwood Lumber Camp when the creeps hold it. They are part of the Grimfang Brood.

Unlike what their name suggests, these spiders do not use stealth. They are always visible and are really no different than the Grimfang Weaver spiders you will see in the same areas with them.

Special Attacks

They have the normal Spider abilities where they can slow your attacks with webs and root you. They also have 2 different types of poison: One that will lower your poison resistance and one that will do damage over time.