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Image of Grani
Title Metalsmith's Guild Crest Trader
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Gate
Settlement Thorin's Hall
Interior Metalsmith's Guild Hall
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]


Grani is the former Crest Trader of the Metalsmith's Trader found inside the Metalsmith's Guild-hall in Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall's (western wall).

There are also other unnamed members of the guild from whom the Crests can be bartered:


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Medium Expert Crest-icon.png Medium Expert Crest Small Expert Crest-icon.png 7 Small Expert Crests
Medium Artisan Crest-icon.png Medium Artisan Crest Small Artisan Crest-icon.png 7 Small Artisan Crests
Medium Master Crest-icon.png Medium Master Crest Small Master Crest-icon.png 7 Small Master Crests
Large Master Crest-icon.png Large Master Crest Medium Master Crest-icon.png 5 Medium Master Crests
Medium Supreme Crest-icon.png Medium Supreme Crest Small Supreme Crest-icon.png 7 Small Supreme Crests
Large Supreme Crest-icon.png Large Supreme Crest Medium Supreme Crest-icon.png 5 Medium Supreme Crests
Medium Westfold Crest-icon.png Medium Westfold Crest Small Westfold Crest-icon.png 7 Small Westfold Crests
Large Westfold Crest-icon.png Large Westfold Crest Medium Westfold Crest-icon.png 5 Medium Westfold Crests
Medium Eastemnet Crest-icon.png Medium Eastemnet Crest Small Eastemnet Crest-icon.png 7 Small Eastemnet Crests
Large Eastemnet Crest-icon.png Large Eastemnet Crest Medium Eastemnet Crest-icon.png 5 Medium Eastemnet Crests
Medium Westemnet Crest-icon.png Medium Westemnet Crest Small Westemnet Crest-icon.png 7 Small Westemnet Crests
Large Westemnet Crest-icon.png Large Westemnet Crest Medium Westemnet Crest-icon.png 5 Medium Westemnet Crests