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Creep-icon.png Gorgoris
Faction Creep
Location Grimwood Lumber Camp
Map ref [19.0S, 18.6W]
Race Spider
Type Quest
Difficulty Nemesis
Level 140
Morale 339,886
Power 27,001


Gorgoris is the leader of the Grimfang Brood. She is located in the ruined building east of the lumber camp. She can be used to help invade the Grimwood Lumber Camp in Hithlad when it is under Free People control.

She is capable of all the basic spider abilities, such as Major Poison, a Common Damage DoT which does roughly 250 - 300 on light armour wearers per tic. She also is capable of rooting her target in an unbreakable web for 8 seconds, and webbing a target's arm to slow it's attack duration by 25%. She also has a debuff that lowers Poison Resistance by 10%.



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