Gate Winch (Pelargir)

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Gate Winch
Image of Gate Winch
Role Epic Battle
Race Siegecraft
Level 100
Difficulty Normal
Morale 46,313
Power 1,471
Region Central Gondor
Area Pelargir
Settlement Pelargir


The Gate Winch in Pelargir can be cranked to open the main gate of the city. In the battle to defeat the Corsairs who had burned the Gondorian fleet the winch is operated by a Labourer in order to let Aragorns host into the city to storm it.


Fire 1 (debuff)-icon.png Flammable
Fire 1 (over time)-icon.png Burning

Quest Involvement


  • While the winch is being operated, enemies will attack from two sides. It is recommended to set up tripwires and caltrops at both stairs leading down towards the winch.
  • If the winch gets damaged, it can be repaired or simply healed. If it catches on fire, it can be doused. Engineer ranks speed up this process.

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