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Image of Garbert
Role Fishing Supplier
Gender Male
Race Elf
Region The Trollshaws
Area Tâl Bruinen
Settlement Garbert's Cottage
Map Ref [38.2S, 14.5W]


Garbert is a Fishing Supplier found at Garbert's Cottage in the Trollshaws, where he lives with his wife, Afanen, and their infant son Whelan. The two are plain fishermen but yet they have heard many odd tales and encountered the most slimy creatures.

Quest Involvement


Fishing Supplier NPCs

NPC Region Location Coords Hobby Master nearby? Notes
Joy Bloomer Bree-land Staddle [31.2S, 49.4W] No Is also quest-giver for [5] Teach a Man to Fish
Nokki Ered Luin Just south of Noglond [19.7S, 100.4W] No Is also quest-giver for [5] Fish-tales
Misty Bolger The Shire Bywater Pool [31.2S, 70.0W] Yes, Brago Puddifoot Is also quest-giver for [5] One Fish, Two Fish
-- Wildermore Forlaw [38.9S, 61.1W] Yes
-- West Rohan Aldburg, Eastfold [69.4S, 64.5W] Yes
Dúdrad West Rohan Southwest of Edoras, Kingstead [62.7S, 74.7W] See Notes Dúdrad bears the title Fisherman but functions as both a Hobby Master and Fishing Supplier.
Is also quest-giver for [87] Edoras: The Last Cast

and completes [87] Edoras: The Old River King!

-- Western Gondor Dol Amroth, Havens of Belfalas [75.1S, 70.3W] Yes
-- Dale-lands Lake-town [17.3N, 27.1W] No


Item Cost
Basic Fishing Rod-icon.png Basic Fishing Rod 2 Silver 


"My parents fled from a gang of trolls many years ago and built this cottage here."
"This place has always been my home, and it always will be."
"The fish haven't been biting like they used to."
"The nights are colder and darker to me than they once did."