Game Hen

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The Game Hen is used as the 'ball' for playing the game of Hobnanigans, during the event of the same name in The Horsefields near Bree.


At the start of the game a hen (or hens, there may be two at once) is spawned in the centre of the Hobnanigans field. The object is to punt the hen into the oppositions goal at which point the hen despawns. Once a goal is scored, another hen is spawned in the middle and the process repeated until the game ends, at which point any remaining hen/s despawn.

When kicked, there is an animation of the hen moving forward and a bunch of feathers flying in the air. It also occasionally clucks as it is punted forward.


  • Although the character picks up a stick to start the game, the animation is actually to kick the hen.
  • The Game Hen is a bit larger than the similar White Chicken cosmetic pet and with a slightly different colouration.
  • Despite being named a 'hen', the tooltip of the melee skill used to kick it, Chicken Hit refers to it as a 'chicken'. Both are accurate in that a hen is a female chicken.