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Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus The Dead
Species Wight
Type Elite Master
Level Range 131
Morale Range 262,129
Power Range 13,813
Special Abilities Disease based debuffs


Gúrhardron is a patrolling Elite Master Wight in The Delving of Frór, beneath the Ettenmoors. He patrols a short path up and down the staircase just to the south of the creeps entrance to the Delving of Fror. He is immune to stuns.

Special Attacks

Gúrhadron wields a variety of disease based debuffs.

-113 Vitality

He has a variety of attacks he will use from melee attacks through a disease based breath attack that is a forward arc cone attack that hits 3 times.

Melee Attacks
Melee Swipe -- Common Damage attack that hits in the mid 400 range against cloth wearers.
Melee Shadow Triple -- Shadow Damage, single target, triple melee attack that does 200ish-350 (per hit) against cloth wearers. 1050ish total potential damage.
Disease Debuffs/Spell attacks
Diseased Roar -- a forward arc Shadow Damage based attack that hits for 330ish-500 per hit (3 hits) against cloth wearers. 1500ish total potential damage.
Note: This is a disease resistance attack but Shadow Mitigation so if you resist the attack via disease, you won't take the damage. If you do not resist the disease, shadow damage mitigation can reduce the damage you take.


Gurhardron was a Black Numenórian of high status in service to Mordirith of Angmar. So feared and powerful was he that many believed he was the equal to Mordrambor in cunning and Mordirith in power. He was the original War-Tyrant who led the forces of Angmar into the Ettenmoors. His initial push was devastating, seizing Dâr-gazag, Lugazag and Tol Ascarnen, before driving the Coldfells Army back into Tírith Rhaw and deep into Hithlad. However, Mordirith saw seizing the Delving of Frór as a strategical advantage as it would allow the Angmarim to travel from one side of the Ettenmoors to the other wholely underground. Letting the Uruk, War-tyrant Akúlhun, take command of the Angmarim, he charged Gurhardron with cleansing the Delving. Gurhardron and his force of Angmarim Sorcerers were initially successful, however they lost many to peril until it was only Gurhardron who faced Gaergoth the Unbound. So powerful was Gurhardron that he was a match for Gaergoth and only the timely arrival of Thorliw, one of Gaergoth's most powerful minions, saw Gurhardron slain. Although his Spirit fled to Minas Morgul, his corpse was inhabitated by a fell spirit, as a mockery to Angmar's greatest general.