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Image of Gísling
Title Son of Gísil
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area Sutcrofts
Settlement Garsfeld
Interior Mead Hall of Garsfeld

Gísling is the son of Gísil, the Thane of Garsfeld.

Quest Involvement



Minas Tirith



  • What do you think of Reeve Fastred?
    'He is certainly a bold ruler… Reeve Fastred only recently inherited the title he now holds. I do not doubt he means well, but his fervour for violence against the Orcs has the potential to blind him. I fear his pride will ultimately hurt the people of the Sutcrofts as I believe the defenceless should no longer remain in these lands, but only time will tell.'
    I see.
  • What can you tell me of Snowbourn?
    'Snowbourn is the largest settlement in the Eastemnet, and was built within the ruins of an old Gondorian castle known as Ost Lothrant. The town has been much more crowded as of late as people across these lands have sought shelter here amidst the danger growing in the East.'
  • What is troubling you?
    'I know not whence this suspicion comes, but I cannot help but feel Fastred does not appreciate my presence in Snowbourn. My father and he see not eye to eye on many things, but I thought not our dealings hostile. I worry that Fastred's paranoia and pride could cloud his judgement.'
    Worry not!