Ferocious Strikes (Trait)

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Ferocious Strikes (Trait)-icon.png
 Ferocious Strikes
  • Champion
  • Earns the skill: Ferocious Strikes.
    Skills Earned:
    Ferocious Strikes
    You need 15 ranks in other traits in the The Berserker branch.

Trait Information

Prior to the Helms Deep expansion

Given By: The Tome of Swords
Deed Level: 42
Min Level: 39
Cost to slot: 101 Silver 25 Copper 

This trait came from completing the Champion legendary book The Tome of Swords which could be obtained at level 39. Once the book was been acquired in your inventory it will be removed and you will be given the associated deed and a quest to see Gimli, who is at the Guest House, in Rivendell. He will open up the full deed, which requires you to collect 8 pages to complete the book. For this trait you must first receive the book and full deed for any pages to drop. The first four pages drop from Wights (commonly found in north-east Nan Tornaeth) in the Trollshaws. The last four pages drop from Goblins (commonly found around Eastern Bruinen Source) in The Misty Mountains. Once the last page is acquired, the Ferocious Strikes trait will be available and can be placed into a legendary trait slot at a Bard.