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  • Lore-master
  • You are inspired by your pet companion, and take on a few of its fighting characteristics.
  • Requires: Character Level 45
    You need 30 ranks in other traits in the Keeper of Animals branch.
    Gain a unique buff based on which pet you have summoned.

    Bear: +5% Max Morale, +5% Mitigation
    Birds: +50% Gust of Wind Damage, +5% Critical Chance
    Felines: -10% Induction Duration, +15% Fire DoT Damage
    Spirit: +15% Incoming Healing, +15% Outgoing Healing
    Bog-guardian: +10% Tactical Damage, +2s Stun Duration

Trait Information

Effect Information

Slotting this trait bestows one of the following effects on the Lore-master (depending on which pet is summoned):