Fend Them Off

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Fend Them Off-icon.png
 Fend Them Off
  • Lore-master
  • Sword and Storm temporarily boosts your Parry Chance, Evade Chance, and Fire Skill Damage.
    You need 15 ranks in other traits in the Master of Nature's Fury branch.
    Requires Traits:
    Sword and Storm at Rank 1
    Rank 1
    Triggering Sword and Storm will also grant a temporary buff on the Lore-master.
    +2% Parry Chance
    +2% Evade Chance
    +4% Fire Damage
    Rank 2
    +4% to All Avoidances
    +8% Fire Damage
    Rank 3
    +6% to All Avoidances
    +12% Fire Damage

Trait Information