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Image of Farvíl
Title Tailor's Guild Pattern Trader
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region North Downs
Settlement Esteldín
Interior Tailor's Guild-hall
Map Ref [9.7S, 40.5W]


Farvíl is the former Pattern Trader of the Tailor's Guild found inside the Tailor's Guild-hall in Esteldín.

There are also other unnamed members of the guild from whom the patterns can be bartered:


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Medium Expert Pattern-icon.png Medium Expert Pattern Small Expert Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Expert Patterns
Medium Artisan Pattern-icon.png Medium Artisan Pattern Small Artisan Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Artisan Patterns
Medium Master Pattern-icon.png Medium Master Pattern Small Master Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Master Patterns
Large Master Pattern-icon.png Large Master Pattern Medium Master Pattern-icon.png 5 Medium Master Patterns
Medium Supreme Pattern-icon.png Medium Supreme Pattern Small Supreme Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Supreme Patterns
Large Supreme Pattern-icon.png Large Supreme Pattern Medium Supreme Pattern-icon.png 5 Medium Supreme Patterns
Medium Westfold Pattern-icon.png Medium Westfold Pattern Small Westfold Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Westfold Patterns
Large Westfold Pattern-icon.png Large Westfold Pattern Medium Westfold Pattern-icon.png 5 Medium Westfold Patterns
Medium Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png Medium Eastemnet Pattern Small Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Eastemnet Patterns
Large Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png Large Eastemnet Pattern Medium Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png 5 Medium Eastemnet Patterns
Medium Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Medium Westemnet Pattern Small Westemnet Pattern-icon.png 7 Small Westemnet Patterns
Large Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Large Westemnet Pattern Medium Westemnet Pattern-icon.png 5 Medium Westemnet Patterns