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Image of Faimir
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region The Trollshaws
Area Rivendell Valley
Interior The Last Homely House
Map Ref [29.9S, 3.7W]


Faimir is found outside the Last Homely House, in north-eastern Rivendell Valley, looking towards the Falls of Imladris.

Quest Involvement


"I do not understand why Arrod has not paid me as much mind as he used to."
"Arrod has grown distant as of late. I cannot imagine why!"
"Arrod used to be so admiring of me, but lately he has been downright dismissive!"


The Elf-maiden Faimir has dwelt long in Rivendell and has at times been the recipient of the attentions of a young Elf-swain named Arrod. When she rejected Arrod’s proposals, the young swain turned his attention upon another, but in his heart Faimir remained his first love.**
Faimir has cast her eyes higher than she should, for they follow – at a distance – the concerns of Glorfindel, one of the Wise and an Elf-lord of the White Council. Glorfindel does not know of her attraction, nor would he likely reciprocate, for his own thoughts dwell on greater matters than those of the heart. Faimir can be found outside the Last Homely House in Rivendell, where she waits in contemplation of the events that concern Glorfindel. — lorebook