Exchange of Blows

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Exchange of Blows-icon.png
 Exchange of Blows
  • Melee Skill
  • You reflect damage to your attacker when hit.
  • On any damage:
    Reflect 50% of damage
  • Duration: 15s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cost: 2 Fervour
  • Cooldown: 40s

General Information

Class: Champion

Trait Tree: The Deadly Storm Traits

Rank Needed: 20


Using this skill causes the effect Exchange of Blows-icon.png Exchange of Blows to occur on self.


This skill is replaced with Glorious Exchange-icon.png Glorious Exchange when the toggle skill Glory-icon.png Glory is on.

Tactical Information

Even though the description says "Melee," this skill also damages ranged attackers.

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