Event Quickslot

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An Event Quickslot is like an emote icon which must be "used" during the quest.
However, unlike an emote icon (which appears adjacent to the Quest Tracker), by default, this icon appears in the center of the screen unless you have previously moved it to another location.
As you mouse over the top edge of the Event Quickslot, you can click and drag it to another location on the screen for convenient "use".
You can also drag the contents of the Event Quickslot to a convenient location on your Quickslot bar if that is easier for you.
Note however, that you will need to repeat this drag to your quickslot bar for each new appearance of the Event Quickslot.
At the proper time and location in the quest, one clicks on the Event Quickslot contents to execute the function.
Note: Certain combat skills will generate an Event Quickslot when certain requirements are met.