Enemy Defeat Response

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Enemy Defeat Response-icon.png
Enemy Defeat Response
  • Any Skills that are based on a successful enemy defeat response may now be played.
  • Duration: 8s

Skill Relationship

While under this effect, Rallying Cry-icon.png Rallying Cry will heal for more.

While under this effect, Routing Cry-icon.png Routing Cry will deal considerably more damage.

Using the Captain skill Time of Need-icon.png Time of Need will trigger this effect.

If points are placed in the Turning Point trait of the Leader of Men line, then Turning Point-icon.png Defeat Event Incoming Healing will also be triggered at the same time as this effect.

The Minstrel skill Call to Greatness-icon.png Call to Greatness from the Protector of Song line will periodically bestow this effect.

Tactical Information

The Captain Main Hand Minor Legacy Battle States and Defeat Response Duration increases the duration of this effect by up to 5 seconds.

Using either Rallying Cry or Routing Cry will remove this effect.