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There is some confusion about what is a High Elf and what is not a High Elf.

The ONLY High Elves in LOTRO are Noldor elves. That excludes ALL Sindarin and Silvan Elves. High Elf isn't a designation of power or impact on the history of Middle-earth, it simply references that this elf has been to Valinor and seen the light of the Two Trees.

The Calaquendi Elves are a group that was also often called the High Elves.


High Elves are elves of the light, those Elves that made it to the Undying Lands and saw the light of the Trees. The only exception to this rule is Thingol. The sundering Teleri is how you get Sindarin Elves. These are the elves that REFUSED to cross the Great Sea a.k.a. Belegaer.

Haldir - Not a High Elf. Most likely a Silvan Elf. These are the elves that refused the journey to the West. So definitely NOT a High Elf.


Elrond was born a half-elf, the Trees were destroyed before he was even born. How exactly did he see the light of the Two Trees, to be counted a High Elf? And if he isn't a High Elf how are any of his children?


Celeborn - Celeborn (S: "silver-tall", pron. [ˈkeleborn]) was a noble Elf - a member of the Sindar[3]


Again clearly a Sindarin elf so NOT a High Elf.