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Deed Lore

The cliffs and tree-clad slopes of this hilly region serve as the eastern boundary of the kingdom of Rohan, and the northernmost reach of the kingdom of Gondor today.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

This camp of Rohirrim hail primarily from the Wold, but there are representatives from throughout the kingdom of Rohan. They came to the East Wall under the command of Mansig. Their purpose was to investigate the fresh gathering of Orcs and uruks that crossed the river, but they were ambushed upon arrival and still work to recover from that attack.
More than a dozen Orcs lie dead in a glade not far from Amon Hen. What happened here.
The grassy lawn of Parth Galen would serve as a good location for the campsite of any travellers forced to disembark the river, but it is in full view of the far shore and could be dangerous.
The Tindrock is a great spur of rock that divides the waters of the Anduin as they rush towards the Falls of Rauros. Called Tol Brandir by the Elves, it is said to be unclimbable.
The great Falls of Rauros descend from the cliffs with a booming roar. To follow the river over the edge means death.
Amon Hen is one of the two hills that rise on either side of the Anduin at the Falls of Rauros. The kings of old once sat upon the Seat of Seeing at its summit and saw many things of use to them.
The Orcs in the East Wall have erected a barricade to keep travellers from coming into the East Wall from the Sutcrofts.
The North-guard is a chamber dominated by the Orcs of Moria in the tunnels beneath the East Wall.
This chamber is full of gredbyg. It is possible other tunnels beneath the East Wall are infested with the creatures as well.
This is the southernmost chamber of the tunnels beneath the East Wall, and it is full of Orcs from Moria.


   5 LOTRO Points
   30 Marks
   <name>, Watcher
   2000 Virtue Experience

Additional Information


Coordinates Directions / Description
[52.1S, 51.4W] Discover Mansig's Encampment
[56.6S, 49.8W] Discover Dead Orc Glade
[58.7S, 47.8W] Discover Parth Galen
[59.0S, 46.5W] Discover the Tindrock
[61.2S, 45.8W] Discover the Falls of Rauros
[61.3S, 46.6W] Discover Amon Hen
[60.9S, 53.6W] Discover the Sutcrofts Barricade
[55.0S, 51.1W] Discover the North-guard
[58.9S, 50.3W] Discover the Hissing Pit
[60.7S, 52.5W] Discover the South-guard