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Image of Drostan
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 43
Difficulty Signature
Morale 4,524
Power 1,558
Region Angmar
Area Fasach-larran
Settlement Fail-á-Khro
Map Ref [2.6N, 37.2W]


Drostan is a hunter and champion of the Trév Duvárdain, one the hillmen tribes allied with the forces of Angmar. He is reputed for both his ferocity, and his penchant to flee when the battle goes ill. He and Fonghala once fought for a full day and night before he finally retreated.

In the quest instance The Matron and the Master adventurers meet him within Nád Nathair, but he flees when danger approaches.

Later he appears in the quest instance The Rite of Clúcath where he is defeated. Because of that Domongart strips him of his name and he is exiled from the tribe. He is then in mercy taken in by the Trév Gállorg, under the name of Soltakh.

Quest Involvement