Dorollin's Flower

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Dorollin's Flower
The flower you found marks the place where the Entwife Dorollin passed into the Old Forest, perhaps forever.
She was amongst the largest of her kind, taller than any other, for the essence of all that grows was at the core of her nature. Her gardens were sprawling places wrapped in great vines, and enormous trees cast their shade upon acres of fertile ground.
She gave herself to the Old Forest to ensure that it would grow great enough to protect itself from the incursion of evil such as Orcs and thoughtless Men.
Some folk say that one day they will awaken and emerge from the forest - but no one knows when that might be.


Dorollin's flower is located at Withywindle Crossing. [34.2S, 60.1W]


This flower is one out of eight that need to be used to complete the deed: Flowers of the Old Forest.