Doom of Drása's Folk

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Doom of Drása's Folk-icon.png
Doom of Drása's Folk
  • Characteristic
  • Reduced Fate – Drása's Folk were a cruel people, and the Ring given to their king by Sauron led them into war against their kin. When the Dark Lord demanded the Ring's return, however, they refused, and his armies besieged and sacked their halls. The Enemy took many of the survivors back to Mordor as prisoners, forcing them to toil in the mines and pits of the Black Land for centuries. Stripped of their history, their clan name, and even their own language, they became a lost people. As years passed, they adopted a new clan name: the Stout-axes.
  • -10 Fate

Skill Information

  • Race: Stout-axe
  • Level: 1
  • All stout-axe characters are automatically given this characteristic upon character creation.