Dol Amroth City Watch Mason District

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Dol Amroth - Mason Token-icon.png Mason District Faction - The Masons of Gondor have built and maintained massive stone constructions.


Complete quests for tokens. Use Tokens to gain reputation.

  • Token worth 250 reputation
  • This district is noticeably harder to unlock, it require 40 tokens (20 if you use reputation acceleration) for maxed reputation
  • Must be unlocked by a pair of server wide quests
    • your server must turn in groups of 10 Silver Token of Dol Amroth-icon.png Silver Token of Dol Amroth (Like Bounders Bounties) to Tothlant and Harniel
    • These turn-ins are separate counters, one for each reputation faction
    • 8,000 unlocks the caves of Emyn Ernil. Which is necessary for the Mason's faction quests. Unlocked 23 August 2014.
    • 12,000 unlocks the tunnels in the Paths of the Dead. Which is necessary for the Swan-knights' faction quests
  • Max reputation (10,000 rep, Acquaintance level only)
  • There are no other quests, items or creatures that provide reputation directly


Complete City Watch quests for tokens. The Training Exercise quests are not available until after reaching max reputation (10,000 rep, Acquaintance level only)

  • Max of 6 quests per day outside the Training Exercise


Quest Rewards: Box 3 (store)-icon.png Mason Box which contains:


Barter the Mason tokens at select Quartermasters for specific items:


Complete all quests and achieve Acquaintance level with faction to obtain: Quest-title-icon.png Dol Amroth - City Watch - Mason (deed)