Diminished Target (Trait)

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Diminished Target (Trait)-icon.png
 Diminished Target
  • Warden
  • Earns the skill Diminished Target, granting n attack which debuffs Tactical Mitigation.
    You need 10 ranks in other traits in the Assailment branch.
    Requires Traits:
    Marked Target (Trait) at Rank 1
    Rank 1
    Diminished Target removes an additional -1% of target Tactical Mitigation
    Skills Earned:
    Diminished Target
    Rank 2
    -2% Tactical Mitigation
    Rank 3
    -3% Tactical Mitigation
    Rank 4
    -4% Tactical Mitigation
    Rank 5
    -5% Tactical Mitigation

Trait Information