Dievlig Wight

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Dievlig Wight
Dievlig Wight.jpg
Level: 65 - 66
Region: Dunland

Type: Normal
Genus: The Dead
Species: Wight

Morale: 6,333 - 6,583
Power: 647 - 660
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Feeble
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: False
Root Immune: False
Cry: Fair
Song: Fair
Tactical: Fair
Physical: Good
Common: Good AncientDwarf: Good
Fire: Good Beleriand: Good
Light: Fair Westernesse: Average
Shadow: Good Frost: Good
Lightning: Good

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


The Dievlig Wight is found in Bonevales in Dunland.[76.3S, 15.6W]

Quest Involvement



Chain Link-icon.pngSword 1 (quest)-icon.pngTainted Chain-icon.png Broken Dwarf-statue-icon.pngChunk of High-grade Calenard Skarn-icon.pngChunk of Pink Rock-salt-icon.pngEtching of Moria-icon.pngPile of Rich Soil-icon.pngPage of Gondorian Parchment-icon.pngRune-carved Tablet-icon.pngScrap of Weathered Dunlending Text-icon.pngSprig of Woolly Mint-icon.pngTattered Khuzdul Parchment-icon.png
Armour & Weapons
Frost Rune-stone 1 (uncommon)-icon.pngLight Hat 4 (uncommon)-icon.pngMedium Helm 1 (uncommon)-icon.pngMedium Gloves 13 (uncommon)-icon.pngLightning Rune-stone 2 (uncommon)-icon.pngHeavy Leggings 5 (uncommon)-icon.pngMedium Armour 5 (uncommon)-icon.png

Legendary Items
One-handed Club of the Third Age 1-icon.pngBurglar's Tools of the Third Age-icon.pngTwo-handed Axe of the Third Age 1-icon.pngOne-handed Club of the Third Age 1-icon.pngChampion's Rune of the Third Age-icon.pngBow of the Third Age 1-icon.pngStaff of the Third Age 1-icon.pngOne-handed Club of the Third Age 1-icon.pngTwo-handed Sword of the Third Age 1-icon.png

Bent Metal Mace-icon.pngBroken Metal Club-icon.pngTrophy Finger Bone-icon.pngTrophy Essence-icon.pngTrophy Sheath 1-icon.pngTrophy Sheath 1-icon.pngTrophy Essence-icon.pngTrophy Finger Bone-icon.pngJade Gemstone-icon.png