Determination Traits

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Obtained by spending Trait Points in the Warden Determination Trait Tree.

Tree Traits Source Notes
War-cry (Trait)-icon.png War-cry Trait: 0+ ranks War-cry (Warden) Evade bonus.
Persevere (Trait)-icon.png Persevere Trait: 0+ ranks Persevere line Damage and Heal bonus.
Warden's Challenge-icon.png Warden's Challenge Trait: 5+ ranks Grants Defiant Challenge skill.
Careful Shield-work-icon.png Careful Shield-work Trait: 5+ ranks Persevere and Safeguard Block bonus.
Bane of Shadow-icon.png Bane of Shadow Trait: 10+ ranks Light-type Damage bonus.
Defiance-icon.png Defiance Trait: 10+ ranks, Warden's Challenge-icon.png Warden's Challenge (1) Defiant Challenge produces Defense buff.
Impressive Flourish (Trait)-icon.png Impressive Flourish (Trait) Trait: 10+ ranks Impressive Flourish Defense bonus.
Unassailable-icon.png Unassailable Trait: 15+ ranks Surety of Death and Desolation bonus.
Counter-attack-icon.png Counter-attack Trait: 15+ ranks Resets Mastery cooldowns after successful Evade.
Indefatigable-icon.png Indefatigable Trait: 15+ ranks Celebration of Skill and Restoration bonus.
Thick Skin (Warden Trait)-icon.png Thick Skin Trait: 20+ ranks Dance of War and Conviction bonus.
Critical Protection-icon.png Critical Protection Trait: 2-+ ranks Critical Defense bonus.
Lasting Hope-icon.png Lasting Hope Trait: 20+ ranks Increases HoT duration.
Never Surrender (Trait)-icon.png Never Surrender Trait: 25+ ranks Decreases Never Surrender cooldown.
Fear No Darkness-icon.png Fear No Darkness Trait: 25+ ranks Morale-tap Damage bonus.
Stand Your Ground-icon.png Stand Your Ground Trait: 25+ ranks Block and Parry bonus, Evade penalty.
For the Free Peoples (Trait)-icon.png For the Free Peoples Trait: 30+ ranks Grants For the Free Peoples skill.