Defence of the Prancing Pony (Deed)

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Deed Lore

The Prancing Pony Inn is a cornerstone of Bree-town. All who come through the village stop there for at least a pint, if not the night.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

It is rumoured that the wolf Southpaw was responsible for the death of one of the Underhills of Staddle.
When the men of Bree-town were held prisoner within the town, the Old Hunter awoke from his hibernation.
Ufglup had never left the pens of Isengard before coming to Bree. He misses the smell of burning trees.
Rat-catcher is a small but tricky lynx. Rat was the name of the brigand he last had for dinner.
Mukghashan has enjoyed staying within one of the finer houses in Bree ... far better than the hard, jagged rocks he is accustomed to sleeping on.
Burning the Prancing Pony inn was Kamhont's idea originally ... he did not account for the tenacity of the innkeeper.
Banosnákh never became accustomed to sleeping in a bed. Even with all the finery of Bree, he used the cold hardwood floors.
Willie Hawthorn came to Bree once when he was young and saw his father laughed at by the local inhabitants. His sense of revenge runs deep.
Blackfeather has watched Bree from high and afar for a long time. This is first he has ever landed in the town.


  Event-title-icon.png <name>, Defender of The Prancing Pony