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A daily is a quest that can be repeated once per day (that is, on a daily basis).
The vast majority of the repeatable quests in LOTRO are of the daily variety, the few exceptions pertaining to raid, seasonal, or limited repetition content.
Daily quests have their availability reset at a fixed time each day, allowing players some flexibility in their play schedule. No matter when they completed a quest on a given day, it will be available again after the reset on the following day. This does mean that a player can complete a quest right before a reset, wait a few minutes, and then complete it again after the reset if they so choose. They would then have to wait a full day until after the next reset to do the quest again.
  • LOTRO servers operate on Eastern Time, and reset their dailies when their clocks hit 3:00 AM. Players outside the Eastern timezone can check the server's current time by using the /servertime command.
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