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Image of Corugúr
Role Combat
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 120
Difficulty Normal
Morale 24,910
Power 3,527
Region Ettenmoors
Area The Troll-height
Map Ref [56.5N, 114.9W]


Corugúr, together with Glangon, is the closest allies of Arador, Chieftain of the Dúnedain the year 2930 of theThird Age. You play as him in the Session Play The House of Isildur.

In the Session Play The House of Isildur, he has the following abilites:

  • Righteousness Arrow-icon.png Righteousness Arrow These arrows will make servants of the Eye burn, fearing as they do the goodness of the Dúnedain.
  • Dúnedain's Strike-icon.png Dúnedain's Strike A ranger is both master of blade and bow. This attack will stun the opponent.
  • Dagger Throw-icon.png Dagger Throw This well thrown knife will root an in-bound target.
  • Stealth (Laegened)-icon.png Stealth The Rangers of the North have always ben skilled becoming unseen when they wish to be.
  • Dúnedain's Mark-icon.png Dúnedain's Mark Dúnedain excel at stalking their prey, and few indeed can escape their notie. This skill is the prerequisite of Fly True.
  • Fly True-icon.png Fly True This shot can only be used against those that bear the Dúnedain Mark, but once marked, the enemy takes devastating damage. This skill can only be used from stealth. It will never miss against on-level creatures. On a critical the target will take power damage as well.
  • Blood of the Dúnedain-icon.png Blood of the Dúnedain Strength of morale has long been a noted feature of the line of Elros. This will restore morale to the Ranger.

Quest Involvement