Cordofoneth's Flower

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Cordofoneth's Flower
You discovered Cordofoneth's flower - said to be one of eight Entwife sisters. Among her kin she held most dear her affection for all living things.
It was this affection that she lent the Old Forest when she passed into its depths long ago, that all manner of living things might find shelter within its bounds. The flower you have found marks the place where she entered the forest and she has not been seen since.
Alas, the Old Forest has oft been harmed by Men or intruded upon by darker powers, and so it is said that her heart lies muted, and she sleeps more deeply than her sisters. Perhaps she is awaiting the day when this world might become a place of lighter moods and the love of life is not so easily betrayed by axe or fire.


Cordofoneth's flower is located in the Shifting Wood. [32.6S, 59.3W]


This flower is one out of eight that need to be used to complete the deed: Flowers of the Old Forest.