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You have clicked on a placeholder indicating that coordinates are needed.

The previous author(s) of the page thought that coordinates from the game would be helpful, but no one yet has taken the time to fill in the coordinates.

How to Add Coordinates

Please see Template:Tooltip Coords/doc for the full documentation. However, here are some common examples:

Example Code Result
Showing a map of Dunland with a "swirly" icon Coord mark.gif at 85.6S, 9.8W
{{Tooltip Coords|Dunland|85.6S|9.8W}}
[85.6S, 9.8W]
Showing a map of Bree with no particular coordinates highlighted
{{Tooltip Coords|Bree}}
A placeholder indicating that coordinates will be filled in later
{{Tooltip Coords|The Shire|?|?}}
[?, ?]

Getting Precise Coordinates

Sometimes you need more precise coordinates than the ones shown under the radar, which are rounded to a single digit past the decimal point. For example, two NPCs may be very close together, such that the coordinates under the radar are the same for both. But you still want to show them separately on a map. (For an example of where this is done, see Wistmead NPCs.)

To quickly and conveniently obtain coordinates rounded to two digits past the decimal point, you may use a plugin: Precise Coordinates.

Common Mistakes

Be sure to avoid these common pitfalls when adding coordinates:

  • You forgot the N/S/E/W:
{{Tooltip Coords|Stangard|25.5|63.0}}
  • You put the N/S/E/W in lowercase:
{{Tooltip Coords|Stangard|25.5s|63.0w}}
  • You put the E/W coordinate before the N/S coordinate:
{{Tooltip Coords|Stangard|63.0W|25.5S}}
  • You used a German-style decimal delimiter (comma instead of dot):
{{Tooltip Coords|Stangard|25,5S|63,0W}}
  • You used a comma instead of a pipe (|) separating the coordinates:
{{Tooltip Coords|Zelem-melek|6.0S, 105.4W}}