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Quests Starting in Writhendowns

All quests starting within Writhendowns, unbound to any locations:

Quests starting at specified locations:

TBD: currently not many quests have their "startinglocation" properly set it seem

Thrymm Red-beard's Camp

  1. [85] Wildermore Introduction: Harding's Concern - Start of the quest sequence in Wildermore
  2. [85] Ride for Harding
  3. [85] The Deadly Freeze
  4. [85] The Coming Storm - vector to Scylfig


  1. [85] Aiding the Thane and His Daughter
  2. [85] Defence of Scylfig
  3. [85] A Bitter Thaw
  4. [85] The Search for Thrymm - vector to Forlaw


  1. [85] Judgement Clouded by Grief
  2. [85] A Disturbance at the Gate
  3. [85] The Funeral in Forlaw


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