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These titles are awarded for activities during the annual Spring Festival.
  • Amazeling - Having completed all the festival tasks, you have been granted an honourific by the pleasant hobbit Opal Goodbody.
Complete 5 quests in the Hedge Maze.
Complete all Spring Festival quests
  • Spring-flinger - In celebration of warmer days, all throughout Middle-earth are granted an honourific for being present for the festival days.
Enjoy the days of the Spring Festival
  • Tamer of the Shrews - Your steadfast devotion to the Garden of Duillond has earned you renown for the taming of many shrews.
Defeat 400 shrews in the Festival Garden at Duillond during Spring Festival
  • The Shrewd - You have waged war on the garden-eating shrews of Duillond, and the Elves have deemed you very shrewd indeed for your very practical efforts.
Defeat 160 shrews in the Festival Garden at Duillond during Spring Festival
Spring Festival Fortune Titles
  • Same Old Song - You have revisited some of the more memorable scenes of Middle-earth this day.
  • The Peculiar - You have picked up some of the more eccentric behaviours of a famous story-telling hobbit.
  • Writing on the Wall - All has been foretold.
  • The Poetical - A famous song has lodged itself in your head, and you can't seem to stop humming it.
  • The Enlightened - Your life is richer with the wonderful advice that has been bestowed upon you this day.


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