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All NPCs within Refuge of Edhelion

Some NPCs of Edhelion is only available within the intro instance for elves, others only during the introduction quests for dwarves and elves, and yet others only during festivals. They are grouped accordingly.

During the Dourhand assault on the Refuge of Edhelion:

NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Dorongúr Whitethorn Quest
ElfM.png Edhelben Quest
Elrond.png Elrond Quest
ElfM.png Talagan Silvertongue Quest
Elf.png Guard (Free Peoples) Scenery
Elf.png Watcher Scenery

During the Elvish/Dwarf expedition to Skorgrim's Tomb:

NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Dorniel Quest [14.4S, 101.1W]
ElfM.png Dorongúr Whitethorn Quest [14.1S, 100.7W]
ElfF.png Naithriel Quest [14.4S, 100.7W]

During the current period:

NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Lendasil Quest - Festival [14.1S, 100.7W]

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