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For an item that shares its icon with other items, please use a generic version from this list.

Tier Cook Farmer Forester Jeweller Metalsmith Prospector Scholar Tailor Weaponsmith Woodworker
1 Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon
Apprentice Forester Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Forester Recipe-icon
Apprentice Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Jeweller Recipe-icon
Apprentice Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Apprentice Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Prospector Recipe-icon
Apprentice Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Scholar Recipe-icon
Apprentice Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Tailor Recipe-icon
Apprentice Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Apprentice Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Apprentice Woodworker Recipe-icon
2 Journeyman Cook Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Cook Recipe-icon
Journeyman Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Farmer Recipe-icon
Journeyman Forester Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Forester Recipe-icon
Journeyman Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Jeweller Recipe-icon
Journeyman Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Journeyman Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Prospector Recipe-icon
Journeyman Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Scholar Recipe-icon
Journeyman Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Tailor Recipe-icon
Journeyman Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Journeyman Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Journeyman Woodworker Recipe-icon
3 Expert Cook Recipe-icon.png
Expert Cook Recipe-icon
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon
Expert Forester Recipe-icon.png
Expert Forester Recipe-icon
Expert Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Expert Jeweller Recipe-icon
Expert Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Expert Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Expert Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Expert Prospector Recipe-icon
Expert Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Expert Scholar Recipe-icon
Expert Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Expert Tailor Recipe-icon
Expert Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Expert Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Expert Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Expert Woodworker Recipe-icon
4 Artisan Cook Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Cook Recipe-icon
Artisan Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Farmer Recipe-icon
Artisan Forester Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Forester Recipe-icon
Artisan Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Jeweller Recipe-icon
Artisan Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Artisan Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Prospector Recipe-icon
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon
Artisan Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Tailor Recipe-icon
Artisan Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Artisan Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Artisan Woodworker Recipe-icon
5 Master Cook Recipe-icon.png
Master Cook Recipe-icon
Master Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Master Farmer Recipe-icon
Master Forester Recipe-icon.png
Master Forester Recipe-icon
Master Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Master Jeweller Recipe-icon
Master Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Master Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Master Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Master Prospector Recipe-icon
Master Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Master Scholar Recipe-icon
Master Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Master Tailor Recipe-icon
Master Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Master Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Master Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Master Woodworker Recipe-icon
6 Supreme Cook Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Cook Recipe-icon
Supreme Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Farmer Recipe-icon
Supreme Forester Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Forester Recipe-icon
Supreme Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Jeweller Recipe-icon
Supreme Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Supreme Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Prospector Recipe-icon
Supreme Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Scholar Recipe-icon
Supreme Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Tailor Recipe-icon
Supreme Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Supreme Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Supreme Woodworker Recipe-icon
7 Westfold Cook Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Cook Recipe-icon
Westfold Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Farmer Recipe-icon
Westfold Forester Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Forester Recipe-icon
Westfold Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Jeweller Recipe-icon
Westfold Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Westfold Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Prospector Recipe-icon
Westfold Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Scholar Recipe-icon
Westfold Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Tailor Recipe-icon
Westfold Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Westfold Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Westfold Woodworker Recipe-icon
8 Eastemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Cook Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Farmer Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Forester Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Forester Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Prospector Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Scholar Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Tailor Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Eastemnet Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Eastemnet Woodworker Recipe-icon
9 Westemnet Cook Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Cook Recipe-icon
Westemnet Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Farmer Recipe-icon
Westemnet Forester Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Forester Recipe-icon
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon
Westemnet Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Westemnet Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Prospector Recipe-icon
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon
Westemnet Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Tailor Recipe-icon
Westemnet Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Westemnet Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Westemnet Woodworker Recipe-icon
10 Recipes for Tier 10 and 11 use the icons from Tier 9.
11 Recipes for Tier 10 and 11 use the icons from Tier 9.
11 Doomfold Cook Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Cook Recipe-icon
Doomfold Farmer Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Farmer Recipe-icon
Doomfold Forester Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Forester Recipe-icon
Doomfold Jeweller Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Jeweller Recipe-icon
Doomfold Metalsmith Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Metalsmith Recipe-icon
Doomfold Prospector Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Prospector Recipe-icon
Doomfold Scholar Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Scholar Recipe-icon
Doomfold Tailor Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Tailor Recipe-icon
Doomfold Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Weaponsmith Recipe-icon
Doomfold Woodworker Recipe-icon.png
Doomfold Woodworker Recipe-icon

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