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All NPCs within the Masters' Tier

Dome of the Sun

NPC Function
GondorianM.png Arodor Quest
GondorianF.png Merethien Quest
GondorianM.png Saelnor Quest

The Houses of Healing

NPC Function
GondorianSoldier.png Araslant Quest
GondorianM.png Delion Quest
GondorianF.png Ioreth Quest

Other Locations Services

NPC Coords
GondorianM.png Clerk of Kinships [65.1S, 19.3W]

Quest NPCs

NPC Function Coords
GondorianM.png Galathir Quest [66.1S, 19.3W]
GondorianSoldier.png Iorlas Quest [66.0S, 18.8W]
GondorianM.png Námatur Quest [65.1S, 19.2W]
GondorianSoldier.png Othnar Quest [65.3S, 18.8W]
GondorianM.png Ostúr Quest [65.2S, 19.4W]


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