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Quests in the Yule Festival yield unique ingredients required for Crafting a Wild Essence of Ithilien-icon.png Wild Essence of Ithilien.
Ithilien Essence Fragment-icon.png Ithilien Essence Fragment
Scrap of an Essence Reclamation Scroll-icon.png Scrap of an Essence Reclamation Scroll
Wild Essence of Ithilien-icon.png Wild Essence of Ithilien

Herbalism Quests


Henneth Annûn
Camp of the Host
Requires completion of [105] Quest: Fire Beneath the Shadow and Instance: Fire Beneath the Shadow
Henneth Annûn
Camp of the Host

Resource Instances

There are two so-called "Resource Instances." These are different from previous "Crafting Instances."
These each have two versions -- one Solo and one Fellowship, for a total of four (4) "dailies."
In these instances you may encounter resource nodes and mob drops.
  • Skoironk provides Prospector Nodes
  • Towers of the teeth (Charchost) provides Scholar nodes
  • There are also random ground spawn of various Flora in both
  • Mobs may drop random Resources and Single-use Recipes in both
IMPORTANT NOTE: The final boss (in both) has a chest. To open that chest requires that you purchase Set of Brittle Lock-picks-icon.png Set of Brittle Lock-picks from the Herbalist (Host of the West) BEFORE you enter the instance!!! Cost: 20Phial of Violet Extract-icon.png Phial of Violet Extract 20Phial of Golden Extract-icon.png Phial of Golden Extract
These instances require quests to enter. Those quests provide selectable resources.


Herbalist (Host of the West)

The Herbalist can be found in multiple locations:

Herb-master (Host of the West)

The Herb-master for the Host of the West may be found in multiple locations:
Herb-master (Host of the West - the Crossroads (After-battle))
Herb-master (Host of the West - Henneth Annûn)
Herb-master (Host of the West - Camp of the Host)
Herb-master (Host of the West - Haerondir)


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