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This category lists family relationship titles that may be obtained by establishing, in game, a "family tree". This "family tree" functionality is available by a Notary and by use of the /adopt command.

The family tree function is still in an introductory condition and will be improved in the future. Currently it is limited and a bit cumbersome to work with. Creating a family tree relationship will give you the ability to display a your familial-relationship title and this is what is included on these pages.

Note: Some of the listed titles/relationships here are not yet implemented in the game but have entries in the Lorebook for them.

Quite probably other relationship titles will appear over time as well. Frodo was known as the Nephew of Bilbo and the like so the relationships will probably be fleshed out quite a bit further in the future.

Social Titles Sub-Categories
Title Implemented Yet? (Yes/No)
Father of Yes
Mother of Yes
Daughter of Yes
Son of Yes
Husband of No
Wife of No
Stepfather of No
Stepmother of No
Stepdaughter of No
Stepson of No

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