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After completing Conflict in Dor-en-Ernil:

After completing [100] Pursuing the Fearful:

  1. [100] Renewing the Attack
  2. [100] Fear of Death
  3. [100] Until the Time Comes
  4. [100] The Flow of Battle
  5. [100] A Plea for Aid
  6. [100] The Wounded Glade
  7. [100] Sister of the Gilrain

After completing [100] The Search for Erchar:

  1. [100] A Brother's Word
  2. [100] An Eye for an Eye
  3. [100] A Need for Interrogation
  4. [100] Retribution at the Lighthouse
  5. [100] A Just Burial

Requires completion of Rallying a Defence, Sister of the Gilrain, and A Just Burial

  1. [100] Blood for Blood - rewards Class Trait Point
  2. [100] The Gloom in the East -- vector to Sarnhad

Herion and Erchar (requires Blood for Blood):
If you have Acquaintance standing with Men of Dor-en-Ernil or higher:

If you have Friend standing with Men of Dor-en-Ernil or higher:

[100] Epilogue: The Waters of the Gilrain