Captain Ori

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Captain Ori
Image of Captain Ori
Gender Male
Race Dwarf


Ori is the captain of a band of dwarves in Moria during the year 2994 of the Third Age. The player takes control of Captain Ori in the attempted reclamation of Moria.

In the Session Play We Cannot Get Out, he has the following abilities:

  • Wild Attack-icon.png Ferocious Strike You make two ferocious attacks, building Fervour and removing Corruptions from your target upon criticals.
  • Head-butt-icon.png Headbutt Your foes will fall to your furious blows.
  • Blade Wall-icon.png Blade Barrier An arcing attack that greets enemies before you wit deadly sharp blades.
  • Remorseless Strike-icon.png Relentless Attack A devastating attack which leaves your foe bleeding.
  • Blade-storm-icon.png Blade Fury A full area-of-effect attack striking all around you.
  • Horn of Gondor-icon.png Horn of Triumph When you defeat a foe, you blow upon you horn in triumph, damaging your enemies and sending them flying backward.
  • Bracing Attack-icon.png Bracing Victory When you defeat a foe, you take heart from the victory and renew your morale.
  • Fire Under The Mountain-icon.png Fire Under The Mountain Your damage and Power regeneration are increased. This skill can only be executed during combat when you have greater than 20% Morale. It can only be maintained if your Morale does not drop below 20%.
  • Thunder In The Hall-icon.png Thunder In The Hall All area attacks do increased damage and their Fervour pip cost and Recovery Time reduced to 0.

Quest Involvement


Ori was among the companions of Thorin Oakenshield during the quest for the reclaiming of Erebor. He later joined Balin's expedition to reclaim Moria alongside Óin and other Dwarves. His hand made the last entry in the Book of Mazarbul.