Call to Ioreth

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Call to Ioreth(skill)-icon.png
 Call to Ioreth

  • Invoke the name of the expert Gondorian healer. Remembrances of her techniques guarantee your next Heal to be a Critical Heal.
  • +100% Healing Critical Chance
    +5% Critical Healing Magnitude
  • Cost: 5% of base Power
  • Cooldown: 1m

Skill Information

Class: Minstrel

You must earn The Watcher of Resolve (blue specialization) set bonus Call to Ioreth (Trait)-icon.png Call to Ioreth to gain access to this skill.

Legendary Item Legacies

The Minstrel Weapon minor legacy Call to Ioreth Cooldown decreases the cooldown of this skill by 4 to 30 seconds.