Burt Farmer

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Burt Farmer
Image of Burt Farmer
Gender Male
Race Man
Region The North Downs
Area Kingsfell
Settlement William Peake's Farm
Map Ref [10.9S, 50.4W]


Burt Farmer is found at William Peake's Farm in The North Downs, where he used to live with his brother Ted.


"Whoever did this was after that helmet, I'm sure of it. But my brother sold it!"

This was not your house, was it?
"No, and what of it? It was abandoned, and my brother and me needed a place to stay. It might as well have done someone good."
Where will you go now?
"My brother thinks we could go to Trestlebridge, but I've seen the way that lady looks at us; she doesn't want us anywhere near her town. She's never been through what we have, I'd wager.
"If not Trestlebridge, maybe Stoneheight. I'm sick of having to find new places to live."