Burgsmen's Fellowship

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The Burgsmen's Fellowship has been trying to combat the Withered tree, who spread lies to those good people who still dwell in the city. You must be Kindred with Defenders of Minas Tirith. Heledon [65.7S, 16.9W] offers you a wrapper quest that sends you to Rathon [64.7S, 19.9W]. Speaking to Rathon allow access to the Cisterns of Minas Tirith Public Instance. Be sure to pick up all the associated quests before you leave.

Repeatable Daily
  1. [100] Assisting the Burgsmen's Fellowship
  2. [100] Finding a Breach in the Darkness
  • Be sure to go back to Heledon after you are finished, because the repeat timer does not start until after you've spoken with him. For example, repeatable quests reset at 3am, so if you complete it at 2am, and neglect Heledon for an hour, your timer will not reset until the next time 3am (EST) is passed.
  • Total Daily Quests rewards 10Minas Tirith - Burgsmen's Token-icon.png Minas Tirith - Burgsmen's Tokens and 7Minas Tirith Silver Piece-icon.png Minas Tirith Silver Pieces
  • Heledon (Burgsmen's Fellowship) [65.7S, 16.9W]