Brown Lands Explorer

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Deed Lore

The Brown Lands were once a green land, lush with vegetation, until war and corruption turned them into a desolate wasteland.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Etheburg is a waypost of the Rohirrim border-guard. It is the last bastion of defence for the Rohirrim before entering the Riddermark itself.
Long have brigands and ruffians use the Brown Lands as a hideaway. Helstor is their last refuge in that desolate place.
The Khundolar, Easterlings descended from the Horde that fought the Lords of Gondor and the ancestors of the Rohirrim at the Field of Celebrant, have returned, prepared for war....
These ancient and ruined gardens once blossomed at the caring hands of the Entwives before war ravaged them.
This network of caves houses a tribe of wild trolls, who have chosen to inhabit the Brown Lands


   5 LOTRO Points
   30 Marks
   <name>, Explorer of the Brown Lands
   2000 Virtue Experience
   Increased Reputation with The Riders of Stangard ( 500 )

Additional Information