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Image of Beriadar
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 65
Difficulty Signature
Morale 24,910
Power 3,527
Area Morthond


Beriadar is a soldier in the young Kingdom of Gondor. You play as him in the Session Play At the Stone of Erech.

In the Session Play At the Stone of Erech, he has the following abilites:

  •  Sword of Gondor A damaging sword strike to a single enemy.
  •  Sword Sweep A powerful sword swing that damages enemies in front.
  •  Shield Bash A smashing attack with a shield that can stun an enemy.
  •  Destroy Foes of Gondor! A powerful sword strike that does incredible damage to an enemy of Gondor, but cannot be used often.
  •  Athelas Healing Soldiers of Minas Ithil carry packets of athelas with them for healing purposes during combat. Can be used on oneself or thrown to an ally.

Quest Involvement

Vol. 3, Book 3