Bellflower Pitts

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Freep-icon.png Bellflower Pitts
Bellflower Pitts.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Glân Vraig
Map ref [21.0S, 13.6W]
Race Hobbit
Type Minstrel Trader


Bellflower Pitts is a Minstrel Trader found at Glan Vraig in the Ettenmoors. She will trade armour sets designed for PvMP that have Audacity on them. Miss Pitts also offers weapons and rings.


For armour at levels 85 and above, the next lower set piece can be traded-in with a 10% reduction in commendations cost

Outdated Items

These items are outdated and no longer available in the standard game. Some of these may be available on the legendary servers at lower cap levels.