Barbed Javelins

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Barbed Javelins-icon.png
 Barbed Javelins
  • Warden
  • All Javelins Gambits have a chance to trigger a Bleed. The more builders used to make the Gambit, the more damaging the Bleed will be.

    Bleeds of the same tier will not stack.
    You need 15 ranks in other traits in the Assailment branch.
    Rank 1
    +10% Bleed Chance
    Rank 2
    +20% Bleed Chance
    Rank 3
    +30% Bleed Chance
    Rank 4
    +40% Bleed Chance
    Rank 5
    +50% Bleed Chance

Trait Information


This trait gives all Gambits a chance to trigger a bleed effect on the target. The amount of damage increases based on the number of steps in the Gambit as follows:

Steps in Gambit Effect
2 Big Bleed-icon.png Low Bleed - Barbed Javelins
3 Big Bleed-icon.png Moderate Bleed - Barbed Javelins
4 Big Bleed-icon.png Major Bleed - Barbed Javelins
5 Big Bleed-icon.png Severe Bleed - Barbed Javelins